International Symposium on

Pervasive Grid


We invite you to participate in the International Symposium on Pervasive Grid (PerGrid08), to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 16th-18th July 2008. This Symposium brings the integration of two important subjects of nowadays researches (Grid and Pervasive Computing) which originated the Pervasive Grid.
Pervasive Grid stands for hardware and software infrastructures or space/environment that provides proactive, autonomic, trustworthy, and inexpensive access to pervasive resource sharing capabilities anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Such resources can be either high performance clusters or smart devices such as sensors, appliances, robots etc. This symposium intends to serve as the forum for the latest advances in Pervasive Grid research.
This symposium seeks topics among the following challenges in Pervasive Grid (but not limited to):



July 16-18, 2008 - São Paulo - Brazil

In conjunction with 2008 IEEE 11th International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering

- Power management
- Real-time embedded systems
- Sensor networks
- Universal ID
- Devices miniaturization
- Ubiquitous/pervasive networks
- Ad hoc mobility
- Open service architecture
- Sensed information overload & database
- Context semantics & management
- Autonomic system administration

- User interfaces

- Operating systems
- Languages
- Middlewares
- Integration
- Cooperation
- Scalability
- Heterogeneity
- Dependability
- Availability
- Security and privacy
- Test
- Evaluation
- Standards